Education & Training

Excel Consulting has created a variety of training programs, teaching entrepreneurial skills and promoting human capital development and women’s empowerment.

Business Development & Finance

Excel Consulting has participated in trade shows that foster economic exchange and build strong connections between countries and sectors.

Women’s empowerment

Through Excel, Mina Sherzoy has been a tireless advocate for the rights of women in Afghanistan and globally. She has crafted development programs and spoken at a number of conferences where she has passionately fought for the great inclusion of women and for the importance of economic autonomy of women.

Education & Training

Excel has administered education to thousands of men and women in business and finance, leadership, technology, career development, and vocational trades such as tailoring and literacy.

In addition to educational programs, Excel has worked to train thousands of entrepreneurs, organized trade shows and conferences, and produced fashion shows in London, Germany, India, and at the US Bagram Airbase.

Case Studies in the Education & Training Sector

Women in Government

Mina led a USAID project in Afghanistan, whose goal was to hire female university graduates into government for two years.

AWBA Star of the Month

Through this program, a mother and daughter were able to organize 37 women for literacy classes, 17 women in English classes, 10 in tailoring, and 20 in crochet and needle work.

Arthemis 2006

In November 2006, a group of business women including AWBA board members attended the Arthemis training program in Glendale, Arizona.

AWBA Trainer in Japan

Khadija Hussani started her own business with the help of AWBA and the guidance of Mrs. Mina Sherzoy, Excel CEO. She achieved success in her business through various trainings and capacity building programs.

Business Development & Finance

As a connector of political worlds, Mina’s entire career has encompassed creating critical gateways for resources and opportunities to flow to women who need it most in parts of the world ravaged by war and oppression. She has been able to inspire the life foundation for thousands of women in business, overcoming socio-political instability in her ancestral homeland, and igniting culturally unifying stories that demand female voices, equity and leadership.

Case Studies in the Business Development & Finance

Women Home-Based Workers Network

800 women from the Mazar-e-Sharif district participated in the program. They learned business skills and ways to grow their business and earn more income.

Afghan Women Business Association Inauguration

AWBA was established by the effort of Afghan Businesswomen to make known and enhance their contribution to Afghan economic growth though the rules that they play in all sectors such as trade, industry, agriculture import /export ,construction ,handicraft carpets and education

Success Story of a Business Lady Today

AWBA office visited those women engaged with business in Jalalabad city in the result of the meeting women were provided consultancies regarding marketing their products, access to credit resources to solve their financial problems regarding their business.

Household Poverty Reduction through Handicrafts Making Skills

Crafts producers produce handicraft for economic matter and their living. Handicraft production is one of the ever light stars on industrial face of Afghanistan, as it once was known for its nice handicraft products that were producing in villages and cities by women and men.

19 year old Wood Crafter

The 19 years old Noorjahan Mahmoodzada sits contently at her woodcrafts shop at the Women’s Garden in Kabul.

Women’s empowerment

Mina has been lobbying for Afghan women’s economic empowerment since 2003. For nearly 20 years, Mina has acted as a womens’ empowerment savant and artisanal purveyor. She has cultivated international partnerships, building a humanitarian bridge between the decision makers, societal figures, catalysts and the rest of the world. She has led advocacy for teaching women and children something in order for them to become financially empowered and learn their rights through labor. When women have more income, there’s both a decline in domestic violence and they get decision-making rights within their own families.

Case Studies in the Business Development & Finance

Supporting Ayenda Foundation to enhance children’s welfare, education, shelter, safety and artistic and athletic abilities

Excel Consulting supported Ayenda Foundation in their 12th Annual Gala. Ayenda Foundation works to protect Afghanistan’s most valuable and vulnerable natural resource: its children.

Fashion as empowerment

Mina is uses fashion and design to empower women economically and to keep alive the traditions of a rich culture.

Women in Agriculture

Today, women make up almost half of the agricultural workforce, though, in many rural areas they are still marginalized. Women’s contributions to agriculture in Afghanistan are often “meagerly rewarded.” Women have a high rate of contribution to livestock and dairy products but rarely receive payment. Most women think, working in the agriculture fields is a part of their life duties. Yet, women’s participation in agriculture is often considered “key, not only to ensuring increased agricultural production but also for improving food and nutrition security.” Women are “a force for stability in their communities.” They are also seen as agents of change in their households.

Second Exhibition of Afghan Handicrafts in, New Delhi, India

This international exhibition was launched in New Delhi in November 2006 to make a showcase for the Afghan handicrafts by the support ofDAI/ALP/USAID and AWBA members.

Our Impact

Through development projects Excel has trained thousands of people.

1000 +

Women Organizations for Economic Empowerment

3000 +

Women in Handicrafts Training

3500 +

Basic Business Development Training