Our Values

Excel is a partnership built on 20 years of creative case study, professional development standards, and unique insight for the advancement of conflict zones in Central and South Asia.

We are a unified team of donors, partners, and beneficiaries leveraging the highest work of my academic colleagues, government resources, trained businesses, and past clients.

Excel’s Core Values

Creativity: We prioritize innovation over processes that “simply work and are accepted.” Excel’s comprehensive case studies allow our firm to build plans from the ground up in to maximize impact on target groups, rather than risk wasted time on administrative fallout. 

Resourcefulness: Decades of pragmatic and measurable results have given Excel specialized access to many trusted points of contact within all levels of society to ensure critical feedback and a hands-on approach working alongside impacted groups. 

Integrity: We don’t cut corners–we innovate. By continually studying our practices and ensuring implementation of critical knowledge in technology, finance, and administration, we work smart within our circle of access to scale our vision. 

Inclusion: Our priority and commitment has been and will always be diversity and the elevation of marginalized groups. We focus on learning and engaging individuals from various backgrounds to broaden the perspective of everyone involved. When everyone’s voice, creativity, and contributions are amplified and supported, studies show that everyone wins.