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International Development Consulting

We are elevating marginalized groups through the systematic transfer of trade and technological skills and creating data-driven leadership protocols with continuous, replicable improvement.

Excel drives development projects with a focus on training participants


Excel has led developmental projects with a focus on training participants with labor market and economic well-being skills along with training in business skills development, leadership, tailoring, basic computer skills, and career counseling.

Trade Shows

Excel has produced and organized many trade shows specifically designed to encourage investment. Some shows connected India-Afghanistan, Afghanistan-Kazakhstan, Afghanistan-Italy, and Afghanistan-United Arab Emirates. These trade shows took place in India, Kazakhstan, Dubai, UAE, Germany, and Italy. Mina has also organized many local trade shows, such as Access to Finance and Innovation Fair, to name a few.

The shows have connected business-to-business and business-to-consumer, have arranged investor matchmaking, and have even been sector-focused. The Afghan trade shows were Access to Finance for Afghanistan and Innovation Fair and Energy Fair.

President Karzai meeting women leaders

Relationship Building

Excel offers a variety of professional services. Excel leads and implements developmental projects, delivers programmatic capacity training, organizes local and international events, and produces/writes reports and research for clients.

During these trainings, Mina has been able to establish a vast network and to link creativity to inclusivity to opportunity across society. Whatever people have needed in Afghanistan, Mina has had a resource at hand.

Mina Sherzoy speaks at the Afghan Women Business Federation

Conference Appearances

As the CEO of Excel, Mina has been a speaker at a number of conferences and is available for speaking engagements.

She has been lobbying for Afghan women’s economic empowerment since 2003. She started women’s entrepreneurship development trainings and projects after the fall of the Taliban. In twenty years, her work has led to thousands of women now running small businesses. Mina has been a strong lobbyist on behalf of Afghan women. She is available to speak about women’s empowerment successes and challenges.


“I learned how to think about the things we want do or achieve in our life. This lesson can increase self-esteem. Can strengthen the brain, and can make you think positive every time. And how to think about the improving and developing your life. Your lesson increased interest in learning. It made think about what I want to be, where do you want to be, in which position do I want to be, and how can I solve my problems. In my opinion every student might have a different point of view, but we can arrive to one decision to work together. Note: I participated only in one lesson.”


Mitra, A Student in the Working Through Anxiety, While Setting Goals Class (ages 14-18) with Mina Sherzoy, CH Worker/USCCB Instructor, September 2, 2022

Our Clients

USAID, Chemonics, DAI, DMG (Davis Management Group), Bizlink, Rahela Trust, Central Asia Institute, US-Afghan Women Council, Kawyan Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Excel Consulting International provides services as a consultant in international development projects for example strategic guidance to company leadership in proposal writing.

Excel Consulting International is also a technical contractor, working in a staff-augmentation capacity when implementing projects.

Results speak for themselves! Excel Consulting International has a twenty-year proven successful record. It draws on major historical lessons, leverages access to key players, and thoroughly examines present circumstances in conflict zones to execute mission-critical deliverables. In regions where political anomalies require specialized business acumen, Excel’s creative approach allows the completion of projects with the highest humanitarian recovery. We also design development projects with a grass-roots approach to target benefitting groups with measurable impact, rather than responding only to requests for proposals whose variable results risk inaction via administrative bottlenecks.

Excel Consulting International has 20+ years of experience in the international development field.

Excel Consulting International works with all company sizes.

Excel Consulting International is a small woman-owned company. It is managed by its Founder and CEO, Mina Sherzoy. When a contract is awarded, people are hired for project implementation, and there is always a collaborative atmosphere with a positive work culture.

Excel Consulting International, LLC is legally registered in the State of Virginia, USA.

Registration Information: DUN # 078464319 – SAM Cage Code # 801J8 – EIN # 82-3132939

Excel strives to always put its best forward.

To minimize the risk of the results not meeting a client’s expectations in conflict or war zone, Excel has always been transparent and realistic through open communication. Excel Consulting International encourages honesty, extends compassion, listens with an open mind and open heart, and expresses appreciation for others’ perspectives and input.

If the unexpected occurs and the client’s expectations cannot be met, Excel brainstorms and suggests how expectations should be managed. Together with the client, Excel Consulting International works to either shift expectations or identify an alternative path forward to meeting them.