About Us

International Development Consulting in Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas

Excel Consulting draws on major historical lessons, leverages access to key forces that bind US, Middle Eastern and Central Asian governments, and thoroughly examines present political circumstances in conflict zones to execute mission-critical deliverables.

In regions where political anomalies require specialized business acumen, Excel’s creative approach allows the completion of projects with the highest humanitarian recovery. We also design development projects with a grass-roots approach to target benefitting groups with measurable impact, rather than responding only to requests for proposals whose variable results risk inaction via administrative bottlenecks.

Excel Consulting works in conflict areas, where business is anything but usual. With our creative approach, we are able to complete projects despite a challenging climate of recovery. We also design development projects on our own, rather than only responding to requests for proposals.

Excel Consulting has designed and managed highly successful programs for thousands of Afghan women, many of whom went on to create their own businesses and assume leadership roles in the Afghan public and private sector. Women must be full partners if Afghanistan is to recapture peace and stability.

“Throughout my career, I have had great passion for projects involving women’s empowerment. To honor all hard-working women, we must also look to history. Before the Taliban, women were found in the upper echelons of government, medicine, law, and other critical civil development and societal roles. As female participation rates in society plummeted due to this transfer of power, Afghanistan took many steps back in female equality, relegating most women to roles within the home. Fortunately, since the Taliban have been deposed, female school enrollment and overall participation rates in the economy and civil society have begun to recover again.”

Mina Sherzoy, Excel Consulting International CEO

Laura Bush on Afghan Women’s Leadership for Peace