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Mina Sherzoy is the CEO and Founder of Excel Consulting and has spent two decades driving international development projects in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions of Central and South Asia. By cultivating international partnerships and humanitarian bridges among decision makers, societal figures, and political catalysts, Mina’s primary focus has always been to impact and elevate marginalized groups through the mastery of scalable trade practices. Excel’s greatest accomplishment has been to inspire the life foundation for thousands of women in business, to overcome socio-political instability in her ancestral homeland, and to ignite culturally unifying stories.

The Impact of Our Work
The Impact of Our Work

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Through development projects Excel has led trainings of over 20,000 people.

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Services International Development Consulting

Elevating marginalized groups through the systematic transfer of trade and technological skills and creating data-driven leadership protocols with continuous, replicable improvement are the goals of Excel’s international development counseling.

Services Trade Shows

Excel’s trade shows connect international investors, businesses, and consumers across verticals in meticulously organized marketplaces and ensures the best possible circumstances for principal and agent, product and consumer, donor and recipient, and investor and entrepreneur to meet in a disruptive, highly engaging, and informative event.

Services Conference Appearances

Through Excel, Mina has disseminated industry knowledge and perspective through lectures concerning up-to-date movements in technology, finance, and operational innovation. These conversations intended to spark critical discourse on how to leverage resources for a unified path forward in conflict zones.