What We Do

Women’s Empowerment
& Entrepreneurship

Enabling more women to contribute to the national economy and support themselves will be a priority for international assistance providers and the Afghan government for many years to come.


Including more women in the formal economy is a game changer for the economy, affecting everything from infant mortality to terrorism. Excel’s CEO has years of experience targeting assistance and managing projects in challenging work environments to achieve maximum results.

Training Design & Delivery

While working on USAID-funded initiatives, our CEO designed and delivered numerous training projects for international assistance providers, non profits and the U.S. and Afghan governments.


Our approach is hands-on: gather the needed information; design relevant and culturally sensitive instruction; deliver the instruction on-site; evaluate results; modify as needed.  We get immense satisfaction from seeing learners absorb and apply new information and skills to improve their lives.

Project Management

Our CEO has managed projects in Afghanistan with a total value of many millions of dollars. Clients include USAID, Chemonics, DAI and others.


Complex projects are our specialty.  We handle staffing, cost control, reporting, stakeholder engagement and achieving project objectives.  We can get your project up and running quickly, delivering high-quality results on time and within budget.

Research, Proposal Development

The international donor community will continue to prioritize Afghanistan stability and development for the foreseeable future. Competitive proposals will be the funding vehicle of choice.


Successful awardees will need on-the-ground assistance finding information to strengthen their proposals.  As far as the proposals themselves go, we can help ensure that your proposals are driven by real demand by real beneficiaries in the country and reflect a deep understanding of the culture. We have a strong track record in getting valuable information from Afghan government agencies and other sources.  We also provide introductions to key stakeholders, help writing the proposal, gathering data and recruiting staff.

B2B Matchmaking

Afghanistan’s private sector offers opportunities in agriculture, mining, handicraft and other industries.


We can help you find qualified suppliers and partners, understand business practices and navigate government regulations.  Our high-level contacts will help ensure that you meet your business goals.

Event Planning

Whether you need help with one-on-one meetings in Kabul, accessing government ministries for your delegation or exhibiting at a trade show, we can organize all facets of your event while you attend to other matters.


Our knowledge of the business environment and how to get things done in a different culture can help achieve your goals.  We can help with everything from setting expectations to event logistics.  Our hands-on approach ensures that full attention is given to every detail, every relationship.

Setting Up Business

Behind every meeting is not another meeting, but follow-up actions that need finessing.  Getting a business permit or getting out of a business relationship in Afghanistan can be a challenge.


Excel can assist in registering the business in a reasonable timeframe, acquiring visas, HR on the ground, and even finding the right rental property.  We can help resolve disputes and misunderstandings. Ask about our three-month startup package for new businesses.