Case Studies: Education & Training

Women in Government

Through Excel, Mina led a USAID project in Afghanistan, whose goal was to hire female university graduates into government for two years. With her team she developed an internship and a career bridge program in two years. Ultimately, 1,700+ women were placed in government within the project’s span of five years. This accomplishment took a lot of effort in a male-dominated society. Mina had to talk to the ministers, deputy ministers and other leaders on many occasions and advocate tirelessly for the hiring. Mina’s many skills include navigating government channels, building relationships, and making the impossible possible.

AWBA Star of the Month

Homaira Aimaq is AWBA’s star of the month. Homaira is a widow of war. She has a daughter, Hassina Aimaq who is going to high school. Homaira worked at WOMAN NGO and AWBA for the past four years as a security guard. During the four years, Homaira learned from other women in training whether it was in tailoring or English or business development. She and her daughter took advantage of all the opportunities at WOMAN and AWBA to build their capacity.

Today, Homaira and Hassina have been able to organize 37 women for literacy classes, 17 women in English classes, 10 in tailoring and 20 in crochet and needle work. The name of their small association is “Education and Cultural Association of Hassina Aimaq”.

Mother and daughter borrowed 3,000 Afghanis ($60) from a close friend which is their initial investment. After paying off their friend, they borrowed again 10,000 Afghanis ($200). At the moment she has an inventory of 60,000 Afghanis ($1,200). Homaira and Hassina are working from one room with six different shifts. Homaira is seeking funding to be able to continue and support this small organization that she and her daughter started.

Homaira’s hard work and courage is admirable. AWBA is honored to have members like Homaira. She has done an excellent job. AWBA would like to congratulate this exceptional mother and daughter team

AWBA Trainer in Japan

Khadija Hussani is a member of Afghan Women Business Association. She started her own business with the help of AWBA and the guidance of Mrs. Mina Sherzoy, CEO of Excel. She achieved success in her business through various trainings and capacity building program. One of her achievements of Khadija is her recent trip to Japan for three months. She visited 18 galleries in different cities of Japan. Khadija did well in training Japanese women in carpet weaving and introducing the Afghan rugs. The Japanese women did well and Khadija got a good experience in learning about the Japanese market

Artemis 2006

In November 2006, a group of business women including AWBA board members attended the Artemis training program in Glendale, Arizona. The two-week training involved business, administration and finance training and was held at Thunderbird University, one of the top Universities in the world. Thunderbird University has branches in US, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Russia, Central and South America and China.

The Artemis program was designed and created by Mina Sherzoy, AWBA President/Founder. Through the leadership of the respectable and well-know US political leader, Dr. Barbara Barrett, Mina was able to find the Artemis program for Afghan business women.

Engineer Habiba Amin Ibrahim–board member of AWBA, Cultural and Educational authority of AWBA, and President of Afghan Women Engineers Association–attended the Artemis 2006.

Testimonials of Artemis Training Beneficiaries

“Artemis was a great program with very good curriculum, accommodations, food and the hospitality of the American people was great! The professors taught us very important subjects. Of course, the help of the two interpreters, Mrs. Fawzia from Afghanistan and Mrs. Farah from Iran helped us reach our goals during the training in a short time. The training was professionally organized. The training material had been selected before according to the need of each businesswoman. I wish we had more time.”
Mrs. Aziza Momand Member of AWBA board and Manager/Owner of Meska Leather Company
“Artemis taught me more advanced ways of doing business through technology. It came at a perfect time because we are building which means Afghanistan World Wide Shopping Online Mall. The importance of internet and technology was discussed in most of the classes. The professors were excellent. The people of Arizona were very generous and warm. The mentorship in this program is significant. I appreciate the mentors taking their time to guides us. I thank Thunderbird University for helping the deprived businesswomen of Afghanistan to learn and do better financially with their lives,”
Sara Rahmani Member of AWBA, designer
“Artemis was an excellent curriculum which has helped in my work since I have returned. I did not know how to use the computer. Now I have a laptop. Artemis program taught me how to use the computer plus how to run my finances. I am now running my administrative tasks through the computer by myself which has changed my life tremendously. I am very thankful to all the people who worked on putting together this program.”
Habiba Rafat Member of AWBA, owner of a day care, RanginKaman, in Kabul